Secret billions of App before 1 million users how come

has been a lot of billions of dollars, App products are all competing object exposure, is considered the most successful product, but in the exposure process of few people when it comes to how to promote it, most of the growth in the number of users due to the products, occasionally when it comes to promotion, is not just a word or two. Say too much. This is because the promotion method is the core secret of many successful products, no one not honest approach to the promotion of their own to the public, the main opponents are afraid of being learned, today I will borrow once in the promotion of world mixed network, the promotion method is to ask several billion APP 1 million before the user released to satisfy our readers. At the same time, in order to protect App privacy and avoid advertising suspects, this article does not mention the name of App, you can only look at the method.

interviewee, a reader of App’s early promotion staff, it is reported that the number of App users has exceeded one hundred million. Why an interview with a company’s early App staff, because such personnel know more dry cargo, predecessors trees, descendants cool "is the truth.

1.: how long did it take you to read the first 1 million App users?

answer: 4 months.

2. Q: 4 months to rely on online channels to 1 million users? No other channels,


answer: 4 months is the amount of online channels, not counting the line, if you count the line, 1 months to 1 million of the amount.

3. Q: offline channels so powerful? What channels are they?


answer: Our line channel is the major manufacturers pre installed, when the manufacturer is HUAWEI, ZTE, Samsung, cool, Lenovo, which is relatively large, in fact, is that all manufacturers have talked about the pre.

4. question: so cattle, it is said that pre installed are relatively difficult, how do you so cattle? How many vendors did you have pre installed, the number of pre installed how many ah?

?Answer: our

line manufacturers this champion, because our employees are a better understanding of the manufacturers, vendors, manufacturers that coverage is 100%, then in addition to millet preset to other home reading app, other manufacturers we talked about what is the specific pre installed, pre installed, I don’t clear.

5. question: what are your online marketing channels? First, version update,


answer: did not seem to start at that time, we were mainly book resources, limited time free. As for the recommendation, we basically have to, and many markets are also recommended, is our main products do well, we also have a local App reading bookshelf, help the market do what journals, such as Android market weekly, we are doing this first, we made the book can be put online bookstores, similar to the Raiders, this is.

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