For the Matthew effect of the site how should the station chief solve it

before the topic of discussion, we must first understand what is Matthew, Matthew famous from the "Bible" of a book, is the man who has made him richer; no, let him lose more. This is the famous Matthew effect, in psychology, sociology, education and other industries have application, at the same time, we are now in this huge Internet industry, also becomes more abrupt, mainly for some large sites to get parts of Internet resources, including traffic, revenue and so on, the 28 principle is stated the twenty percent website to get eighty percent of the profits. So, in the face of this situation, how to avoid the small site Matthew effect of this site?.

is currently on the market for several main types of stations:

as a small website, what we should first clear our original target, this paper lists several links often appear in the daily station several people, we put him into three categories, one is flow into the website, the main purpose is to sell traffic, profit mainly through advertising implantation. The main representative site has: novel movie station, station, literature website, pictures and so on.

second main type of Web site for demand website, which is currently a huge number of websites, we called the enterprise station, mostly a production or service trade enterprises, on behalf of the website main: small company website Taobao passenger station, drainage class, B2B business website. There are currently on the market compared with the fire station WeChat mobile phone, we can put him into this category, perhaps some people will say that WeChat mobile phone station category is too big, just a few people will click through WeChat drainage manufacturing now, make advertising pay into it, there isn’t much demand for that. The technical requirements, it is difficult to achieve the tracking effect, so we put him in demand website category.

third types of websites — technology websites.

technology website and social networking sites have a certain intersection, such as the network to promote the industry, many of the sites, but the words of what they do, such as regional SEO, regional construction site, the traffic flow relative to the sea, very little, so this part of most of the people are for personal interest hobby for the website, most stay at the level of the study, the most typical is the personal blog for them, such as in blog, forum and blog before the stone Lu Songsong, is in this environment a little bit set up.

is for some small website summary, then, for these types of small website, how to compete with the large website, avoid the Matthew effect in the industry. Here, we are only really to business.

first of all, we should pay attention to is, what is the real purpose of my website, which is why I tell in front of so many types for everyone, we must recognize their own needs is what, if it is your own hobby, "

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