The number of S connections is not equal to supporting online numbers

this article, I want to write to IDC friends and friends who buy space, because there has been a lot of ambiguities and misunderstandings about this issue. The point I want to make is that the number of IIS connections written in the site space parameter configuration is not the same as the number of concurrent online support.

believes that IDC did friends met such a thing, often have customers ask why you said support IIS connection number 100, while the number of online websites I ain’t to 100, how often can not access the


do IDC friends will tell them the number of online support is only half the number of IIS connections, get this answer, customers often feel caught in a IDC, this is an embarrassing problem of customer service. There is a pre embarrassing question is: is the customer to ask you how much space that support the number of online ah, this time IDC friends may say, we have the space to support IIS 100, the number of online support in about 50 or so, then the client will ask, why, why everyone says is equal to 100 a? Well, but some IDC friends just started to say that the number of online is 100, but it will often appear customer service problem, mentioned in a word, on the number of IIS connections and the number of online there are many misunderstandings that may come from IDC or customer patience and lack of knowledge buy space lack of knowledge.

below, I will explain these questions from the technical principle level.

as you all know, there are two kinds of popular network communication protocols, TCP and UDP. TCP is a connection oriented protocol, has the advantages of stability and security, the disadvantage is resource intensive, speed in general; UDP is a connectionless protocol, has the advantages of fast, high efficiency, disadvantage is easy to lose data and byte order may be wrong, only suitable for small volume data transmission. The browser and server IIS client protocol is TCP, because the bandwidth and server performance objective problems, the number of TCP connections is not unlimited, it supports TCP connections, often the general server in 1-3 million the number of connections between.

and IIS connection, that is actually a server in the software IIS TCP connection, here to mention that, often have IDC play IIS connection is no limit to the number of the slogan, in fact this is to a certain extent which belongs to the customer to cheat, because IIS itself a server connection number is can play IIS connection limit, no limit to the number of IDC may have the following two ways: 1, not to the server in all the different models of the space set to limit the number of IIS connections, so that different levels of space in a total of 1-3 million in the number of connections you compete, which often fight at outrance state, so high levels of spatial customer interests have been infringed upon in the invisible, because they are out of the.

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