Adsense rely on to retain users improve user experience

in order to improve the weight of the web site, we must first do a good job of web content, with the content of the profound to improve user experience satisfaction. What is the user experience satisfaction, that is, to retain old customers, increase new visitors, new visitors become old visitors. This is the user experience user satisfaction, only love on your own website, the website feel meaningful to them, can help get them, so they will naturally remember your site name or web site, or even directly to the favorites, so as to avoid the loss can not find oh.

only made such website is the successful website, actually a lot of time to see some Adsense blow your site outside the chain included how much, how high how high. Snapshots are the same day. If the user does not stay, these are useful? Into the clouds! So, if you want to keep passing the user will be in content efforts, be sure to strive for new visitors first came to their website of love on the website, this is hard, the other boast more Niubi are what a


keep the user first must depend on the content, the content is a web site of the soul, do stand knows, not readable content sites, the madman won’t love him! Content to start, is the most important step, you can be reproduced from the content, but can not change 10%, certain to take advantage of their own thinking, develop their own brains, think about when I read this article after what he thought, and on the other hand, when the user wants to search for this article is to find what to write about it easy to understand? There is significance for users? These are to stand in the user’s point of view, we can start writing out, after all, what you write is not for myself.

and he can’t judge a thing or a problem, do not write the illegal content, not propaganda illegal things, do not fight with others, the third party person, written in the language of peace, so as not to create unnecessary trouble, of course, if you are to speculation, as you wish, master it is good. Therefore, the use of content, that is, give users a chance to contact the soul of the site, allowing users to enjoy their website through content, is the most formal means. What kind of content users love, I can clearly say:

(1) easy to understand content

who do not love to see those who do not know who, like between ancient! Now with simplified Chinese, unless it is to do some research of the ancient site, except that, when you write write note not to show off his own high level, try to write something for others cannot read the sentence. That you write is written, the user cannot read will not love your site, your purpose is not to reach still counterproductive, The loss outweighs the gain. So, we write about it ah, ah, such as personal view comments the best selection of some of the more common words to describe, let the user can understand the meaning of what is on the line, don’t trouble to show off the cultural level of the several.

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