Enterprise station group to solve and improve the site included the fastest method

recently this time due to busy work, a more responsible for SEO optimization and management of the site, can not do for each site all operation and maintenance and management check, while an increasing problem is put in front of me, the website of the amount collected has been maintained in number but relatively included has not seen the growth in the number of sites included, this let me have to think carefully and find a solution to the problem of website promotion. A SEO optimization simply together and we talk about how to solve the enterprise group station is included in the site, you want to optimize the website operation or SEO staff will help, hope can help you solve the amount included in the enterprise website promotion.

as everyone knows, the content of the website is search engine included the number of search traffic, IP website from the search engine there will be more, the website of the amount collected is to ensure the premise and basis of the website to get traffic from search engines, the content of the website is not included in the search engine, the website will not be able to get from the search engine user traffic access. How to effectively solve the website included, what ways can improve the site is included in the number of search engines



In fact,

as a web site operators and maintenance personnel are aware, enhance the site being included in the search engine website there are many ways, such as the chain information, do marketing, submit content information, sitemap, publish original high quality content information, the elements of other ways to optimize the station site to search engines can be the site was included in the search engine and grab. Of course, these methods are only suitable for the operation of one or two enterprises station to solve and improve the site included, if is a site operation and maintenance personnel responsible for the relatively large number at the same time the enterprise website, basically is not able to do maintenance of the SEO optimization and operation management of each site theory, want to solve the problem of enterprise group included station that is still a life difficult for the hom.

enterprise station group to solve the website included method

1, submitted to the site map: for enterprise group standing on the front line, the site is the most basic need for search engine to crawl the site map from URL site link content, usually site map will be made into XML format, to the search engine Webmaster Platform were submitted, to guide the search engine spiders crawl the site and grab the contents on the website. Of course, if it is for operation and maintenance for a small number of sites, making the site map and take the initiative to Submit search engine Webmaster Platform is relatively easy, but also spend much time to carry out maintenance and management, the workload is not too large. If at the same time, operation and maintenance of dozens of sites, even more sites, every day will spend a lot of time to search engine Webmaster Platform submit updated data of each site, but also easy to confuse or forget a website data submission, or some sites repeatedly submit updated information. Here a SE>

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