Dedecms station search research and analysis of the two basic functions

dedecms is the dream the most widely used CMS system with its open source, easy to use, powerful and popular webmaster favorite, today we speak to you a powerful but ignored by many Webmaster Station search function.

installation site search, the premise is: the site has a certain content and a certain amount of traffic. Its most basic and powerful two functions, one is to improve the user experience; two is to collect and study keywords.

1, station search can enhance user experience

any website, as long as about 500 articles, it can not be displayed on the home page. When you need to find the content of visitors on your site, one is direct if you leave the site; two is the site above the search box, may search, if you put a Baidu or Google search box, users will search out of your website, if you install the station. Search, search the user still on your website, greatly improves the user experience of the website, the website of the PV and increase the access depth, the user experience is absolutely beneficial. This little talk, you can slowly understand.

two, station search can collect and study keywords

many owners are looking for effective keywords for the content and organization of distress, a lot of the time we will use Baidu index this tool, but this tool is quite broad, but you do not know how to search for specific. You can search some useful information.

in the dedecms system background: Core – batch maintenance — search keywords maintenance of this column, you can see the user on your site’s search records, in fact, with the accumulation of time, maintain the search keywords inside the column will form a huge library of keywords, we should make full use of the library, the keyword analysis, perfect the content of the website.

Explain the

parameters: the parameters we are focused on the frequency and the number of users in the "frequency" is your site search this keyword, "result" is the search, essays on a keyword.

key font use skills: first, the "high frequency, less results" keyword, organize articles. We can sort data in accordance with the frequency of the key font inside, see what the number of user search keywords most, then see the corresponding matching results, if a keyword search frequency is high, but the content is 0, even less, you around this key word to read, it is best to perfect the website content methods; two is to study the high frequency keywords. Through the analysis of very high frequency search keywords, you can know your site users love what content, then these key organization articles, meet the needs of users, greatly improve the conversion rate.

Dedecms station search should be said to be a powerful function, the webmaster should be full

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