A woman station after 80 site experience share

, a young woman who graduated from 2007, has been working as a people teacher in a school. In the face of China economic inflation, university graduates can not find work, find work of professional professional counterparts as well as migrant workers wages, prices such as missile like hurricane, a hard month look at the property market is still not enough to buy a square. Faced with this situation, so that more people choose to start their own businesses. Earlier this year, little girl resigned from the profession of teachers, but also to join in, start their own businesses, start a web site. Now it is a female webmaster, ~ ~ ~ ~ in this period also learn a lot. In the network promotion and website construction, I also slowly sum up, the following major attention is that I usually, and slowly accumulated. Share it now, and hope to be useful to friends in need.

indeed, individual stationmaster in China just prosperity, many owners earn some money from it, but with the personal website more and more low threshold of 1 yuan, the domain name, open source, make this industry become uneven in quality, Longshehunza website. For example: just buy a domain name, find the program, change the picture, such a site is completed, the fee is not high, he will become the logical station.

, but is the real webmaster really so easy to do? Website construction and promotion really so simple, single? So good webmaster should do what,


first of all, you must ensure the quality of your website. Quality is not only from the appearance, but also from the content. The entire website is a product, since it is the product, then the customer first pays attention to is the product quality. Therefore, the "website" is the same reason. "Website" a product has its own particularity, it does not need to be purchased can use, and its quality is through content to enrich. Good, useful, and content that can be valuable to the viewer is quality content.

secondly, the page design is also very important, and now the website is no longer as simple as before. People pay more and more attention to the appearance and beautification of the website. Even if it’s a station for an enterprise, the boss doesn’t know how to do it at all, but he needs something to brag about when he wants to see his company’s website. So, now want to do web site, in graphic design still need a certain foundation, it is better to say: website LOGO, website color collocation, this is not overnight can do well.

again, just be patient and calm. If China chooses the ten "patience work", the webmaster will be listed in it. Do web site is not done today, tomorrow you can, regardless of the content of the site updates, SEO, these are the need to adhere to and patience. As for calm, ha ha, Baidu is changing every day, and the results, you know. So, you need to be calm and stick to your job.

finally, in choosing the site space, be sure to be fast and stable. Unstable space, search engine revenue will be greatly affected

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