Pinterest CEO success is due to marketing rather than technology

Beijing on October 21st news, according to foreign media reports, the famous American social map website Pinterest has now become the third largest in the field of Internet traffic is recommended (referral traffic) the main source. Pinterest chief executive officer of the · siberman (Ben Silbermann) has been described as the website is to help users find inspiration tools.

siberman Saturday at the Stanford University Y Combinator innovation business school revealed to the audience, although Pinterest has achieved great success, but the success of the website is not easy. He also said that the relationship between Pinterest growth and the Silicon Valley, the conventional wisdom is not much in fact, the success of Pinterest is mainly due to the company’s marketing, especially the grassroots marketing, but it is not a better algorithm.

in 2010, after three months is introduced in Pinterest, only 3000 users of the site, of course, some users are active users, the other part is very fond of this website users in these two types of users, including siberman myself. Siberman said: "I do not have to change the product, I think, maybe I just need to find people like this."

for this reason, Pinterest began organizing rallies at some local fashion shops and shooting interesting pictures for those who attended the rally. At the same time, Pinterest also actively communicate with bloggers, encourage and invite them to participate in some similar to the "posted photos (Pin It Forward)" activities in these activities, bloggers have more invitations, invite them to use the Pinterest website, it is also effective in helping Pinterest to the global promotion.

siberman said, when he heard that the party users to chat with each other each other, talking about their real innovation projects, not only pay attention to those who may be from Twitter and Facebook on superficial relationships and other topics, he realized that Pinterest’s strategy may be beginning to work.

siberman said: "Silicon Valley and not a lot of people use Pinterest, and I don’t know if they still haven’t used Pinterest. In fact, something that works for some people is also something that really matters."

At the beginning of the creation of

Pinterest, many investors were reluctant to invest in Pinterest and were not optimistic about the non-technical founders of the site (of course, the situation is quite different now). In this regard, siberman said: "for investors, they have lots of reasons to say" no ", but I will carefully listen to every reason. >

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