What is the focus of the station owners

a webmaster took over a site which started from what do not work? We often say that the hair of the chain, writing, text and so on, many owners get out became the website editor, every day thinking about how to write some articles to attract people not to write, and is trying to find from other places, and then modify it to become their own, I want to say: dear master, you are wrong, this is not the work station.

webmaster’s overall planning and planning

first time webmaster development need to plan a website according to the resources at hand the target, if not the pre planning and planning, then behind almost all east out every day, West out, like a headless flies, unintelligible, though busy, but not what harvest.

then, what do you usually need to plan? What are you doing,


technical issues such as site positioning, target customers, analyze problems, promotion resources, unified with a A4 paper to the list, only out of the question, we can give the answer slowly.

then according to these questions and answers to these questions, we must cycle plan, such as the early, will be the site of the basic content of filling and division, such as news sites and products and information columns to the editor, the chain and Links part to the promotion or the chain Commissioner, the station submission and writing work to clerical work personnel, and we are all standing in the develop work process and work objective and quantitative assessment.

webmaster execution cycle result check

when we plan to a certain period of time, we must carry on the test results of the test cycle, there are two factors, one is the inspection schedule before us is reasonable and reliable, the other one is to plan for our next work cycle so that each part of the data we need to conduct analysis only in this way, we can gradually straighten out our long-term goal.

reasonable emergencies interspersed with arrangements for

in the practical work, often have some unexpected things, or we can’t anticipate the urgent need to deal with, so webmaster in the production planning must take into account this may, for example, a sudden interruption of the chain, the subsequent increase in the number of defects, various aspects of the actual situation will exist so, we need to develop an emergency interruption treatment plan, which with the computer, to interrupt the main task of the implementation of the emergency task, when urgent tasks executed back to perform the main task.

constantly summarizes, analyzes, and continuously implements

What the

stationmaster does is to carry on the unceasing summary analysis to the entire team, entire website’s data, carries on the scheduled plan unceasingly, only then can the website stand erect. The above is only for enterprise stations.

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