What kind of domain name is good domain name

as the saying goes, "if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools.". Whether individuals or enterprises, in order to do well in network marketing, then the first step is absolutely to establish a good site. Well, what’s a good website? Let’s take a look at the three basic disciplines of building a web site.

1. Select domain name

often talk about internet marketing with some friends who do business, and inevitably explain what domain names are". Domain name, in narrow sense, is similar to the address of a shop in traditional marketing. But in broad sense, domain name has been given more meaning, one of the most important thing is that domain name is the first cognition of consumers to enterprise (individual) network brand. A good domain name, so that consumers can first remember your brand, a good domain name, but also to convey the enterprise (individual) brand of the primary channel. A casual use of digital or meaningless letters piled up in the domain name, it looks very serious, give consumers a sense of uncertainty, such enterprise (individual) brand is likely to lose at the starting line directly.

here, I want to give you a small hint: the choice of domain name, must be combined with the target audience user habits. For example, foreign trade enterprises, it is best to choose the corresponding content of the English words to do domain names, rather than Pinyin, because the foreign trade audience is generally expatriates, English is the international language. And if it is the main domestic market enterprises, it is best to use the content related to the operation of the Pinyin domain name. In addition, the habits and customs of different audiences, also want to consider, for example, the number "4" is not a good view, and a digital "in the eyes of the people very lucky 13" is actually the Westerners as ominous symbol. Do not belittle these details, often is the key to success.

two, select space

build a website is absolutely necessary step, choose high quality space to store your own website. For small and medium enterprises or individual owners, to buy a separate server storage site cost is too high, so many enterprises and individuals will choose to hire the space agency business sub space. Choosing good space is also a very important precondition for network marketing. Whether the space is stable, users in various regions visit the site is fluent, these are the first elements that directly affect the user experience, must not be ignored. This point is relatively easy to understand, the author here will not talk about.

three, website name

website name is the most intuitive feeling for the enterprise (individual) brand, and it is also the most difficult to grasp in the three discipline of establishing the website. For the general traditional entity enterprise, you can use the enterprise name as the website name directly, but if it is the enterprise and individual who mainly attack the network market, the website name is the symbol of the brand. Let’s take a look at what a good site name requires.

1, good to remember. The name of the website is the main body of the account

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