Try to analyze the reasons why Blog websites have been dropped by search engine K

talked about my blog   Baidu K out directly through the days of learning and communication with the master, probably summed up may be Baidu K, summarized as follows, for reference,


1. in the early days of the site, there is a history of mass, this history in the memory of Baidu, in the K site is added to my station by Baidu K reason;

2. knows what Baidu is doing, and this may trigger Baidu’s aversion;

3. on the site of the Alibaba ads, so that Baidu this careful not feel bad (this article for the heroes pointed out)

4. site update slow? (possible reason)

5., individual articles have keyword pile up sense (realistically speaking)

these are the possible problems for the early mass history, I have no way to see the answer, such as mass black risk is undesirable, or else lose their own; and in Baidu know, Post Bar do propaganda to hold a degree, too frequently will cause resentment, and Baidu may be pulled into the observation in the above list; Ali ad if it is a reason that Baidu is too narrow-minded, but in order to keep the mom in no danger of anything going wrong, the ads, after all, every day only income, gross 1-2: D; website update slow, this may be the reason, but not sure, update or can, though not very diligent; the keyword, this problem exists, and may be induced by the Baidu K site for a reason. See writing articles to increase keyword density need more skills, rather than blindly keyword + keywords + keywords + keywords, ha ha,

above for personal summary, please correct me!


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