Personal webmaster do local logistics website big money way

first statement, I wrote this article is not what soft Wen, my station also did not write the soft Wen necessary. I only junior high school education, the style is poor, the contact network is less than half the time, in stationmaster net has been diving for the music, today saw the Jiangsu logistics information website long hair article, on a whim, then talk about the views of local logistics industry website, welcome the circle predecessors advice to discuss correction.

The status of

logistics industry information platform

general logistics network is divided into three types one by one, one is the main mode of the software real-time logistics information platform (web forms such as are also counted as such), on behalf of the class,, and local platform and so on, its main role is the exchange of information between the logistics company distribution station the owner of the platform, there are very few manufacturers involved in the owner, the logistics information platform is currently one of the most beautiful money, a city agency annual profit is more than 500 thousand. Another is the industry website B2B, representative of this class include,,, 110 logistics and local site, located in the cargo logistics company with the manufacturers of these logistics trading platform, the website can say is in the bottleneck period, in addition to jctrans international logistics as the key. Other sites because in the face of pressure of competition of the instant messaging platform software, almost no profit what. The other is the combination of the above two categories, which represents the Chinese logistics network,, etc., and the profitability is also not ideal.

why is the local logistics industry website promising?

Logistics information platform

above three type I is more optimistic about the second class or third class, so that only local is because: first the logistics industry is a huge industry group, the flow of information real-time requirements are very high, for personal webmaster, do the national nature or cross regional nature is clearly not realistic, it is said that investment jctrans years of tens of millions, but also just focus on the shipping logistics. Other national logistics website, even if you do a Baidu GOOGLE promotion, what is also difficult to accumulate popularity, can not form large amounts of information, it is difficult to develop. Second B2B logistics industry is different from other industries B2B, other industries of the same product manufacturers may spread all over the country, need to choose, while the logistics industry is different, since manufacturers delivery, his departure is definitely in the local, so he is to find the local logistics companies, there is no need to know other places the logistics enterprise information (a bit like real estate network, we now look at the local real estate network status will understand). Third, the local logistics website faces the customer group, I am in the city of Shandong, Weifang, a very ordinary level city, there are more than 2000 registered logistics companies, not registered

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