Mobile phone download station can also receive 10000 yuan per month

in 2008 April, I was registering the domain name. At that time, because one day I friends to play here, want to download the mobile phone film, but in the Baidu search for a long time, did not find a few good points of the mobile phone movie download sites, feel very uncomfortable! When the Internet is boring, I wonder why you can’t do a mobile phone movie station, so I started the station looking for career


after registration domain name, is to find space, because it is ready to do the download station, on their own investment of thousands of yuan, rented an independent server, bandwidth 10M. The program uses CMS, because it does not change the website at first, so it takes only one week to learn to modify the website. Through their own efforts, the site made out, and then constantly add content, the purpose is to enrich the content of the site, and after a week, the site is basically completed,

!After the

site is complete, I’ll submit it to each search engine. Waiting for the search engine to include my website, and also study on AD5 every day. Study on AD5, learned a lot of knowledge of the site, for example: how to promote, how to increase the high quality of the chain, how to make their sites retain users after learning, and so on ~ ~ ~ ~! Is the action, in accordance with the methods of learning, promotion every day. A month later, the site traffic has reached 2000IP a day, Baidu, GG and other search engines have included my station. Traffic already exists, it is necessary to consider the operation of the site, and early I also rely on advertising revenue to maintain the basic cost of the site.

later days, after a long time of learning, I know a lot of Web site cattle. Everyone took care of my little brother and recommended my website at their stations. In this way, "go to the 3GP mobile phone movie" this station, be more people know and understand.

now has a steady flow of traffic, and revenue is slowly rising. Last month, because of the Spring Festival, I earned tens of thousands of dollars. The most important thing is to thank my friend who supported me, and to continue to learn the knowledge of the website, listen and see more,

!The copyright of the

article goes to the 3GP mobile film network, which must be noted as follows:

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