Several core ideas required as the site operations director

himself on the network touch, roll, lie down for N years, from a technical personnel, grassroots webmaster, until become a comprehensive e-commerce business site director of operations. Today, I’m talking about some of my experiences in website operation.

website operation is a challenging job, but also a very challenging job. We have a lot of friends in the operation of their own website, in fact, he is a director of operations. As a director of Web Operations, you have to have the following core ideas if you want your website to grow and grow.

profit is the core: what do you do? What’s the idea? A word, money. As the director of Web Operations, you have to create profits, and profitability is a manifestation of your true capabilities, which must be based on a legitimate and reasonable basis. When it comes to profit have a lot of friends to get lost, the profit is not much on advertising? In fact, if you really rely on this kind of thinking to operate the site you want to get more success if it is difficult, from this graph king why the future of the site in the electronic commerce can see.

for profit means, we must break through the existing model, there must be new methods, otherwise the Internet is the real copy network.

services are fundamental: service is fundamental to the web industry. Our network industry is the largest service industry, we should benefit from you is the true source of customer service, so how to service your users, service content is what we should consider. For example, I have recently joined Bess information consulting alliance, to offer Business Alliance launched Bess navigation, of course there are many union members of the unit are at first do not understand why this website, this website will bring what their member enterprises, but after I analyzed after they basically agree with me. In fact, Bass Business Navigation just solved their service problems in the process.

cooperation is requested: some people may feel strange, the website operation and cooperation theory. But the website operation really has the cooperation saying, the cooperation and the opening are the Internet healthy development and the expansion basic request. The operation of this station, I intend to give sufficient leisure time friends, the formation of virtual web site operations team. In fact, the most obvious case of operation is the 8684 bus network.

win-win is the purpose of: a harmonious society, win-win development, network is no exception, we do the Internet, we can also win-win development, mutual assistance, mutual support and common development.

himself also wants to communicate with more friends and get new ideas. My QQ is: 908216827, to that kind of multi online, long-term non online, do not add.

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