Real Shanghai nternet Environment

A few days ago,

was invited to Shanghai for a turn. He walked into several local Internet Co in Shanghai and felt the difference between "hot" and "hot Beijing"".

someone says, don’t go into a company to see, don’t use it carefully, don’t make any comment on it. Although I have a lot of in the vest, let me experience for 51 have been known from the original "" boring "went to the more profound, that a better understanding of them. But entering 51 of the office, the real experience is that this is a "no culture but very real" company, a group of real grassroots team. From PM to CEO, not many "culture" of the enterprise as the opening is to tell my corporate culture and mission, talk to all real problems: it is design, user demand, real team management and process plan…

51 is really helping many people solve their "boring" problems, because there are so many people in China who are trying to eat every day and find ways to deal with boredom". Even the purpose of building the site in Xiamen was really just to make it easier for the creator to find the beauty. Slowly came to today. From a home to expert advice is "not noise", and that the court a very good detail is "bathroom curtains on the outside, very easy to let the man take the initiative, enough to see its understanding of" needs ". So I said, "maybe this is the only way to come up with the idea of video verification."…

51, now the best case in the profit model seems to be the Pepsi Cola marketing story last year, and some of the recent artists that have been doing it. Maybe we’ll see more of that later…

51 now has more than 100000000 users, but these are mostly out of the city to the people from the second tier or second tier city, most of them from Hunan, Guizhou, Anhui, Sichuan and other places. Occupy China’s Internet population of nearly 40% of the first tier cities (Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai) and not much of 51 of users, this is a big missing. People are more willing to communicate with people who are higher than themselves, and it is a big challenge to say that the second tier cities based on second tier cities are still the first tier cities. Moreover, the current competition in this market has gradually escalated, and for 51, before the Baidu, there are Tencent, the two major groups do not seem willing to give it the opportunity to grow.

fence network was first started from BBS, originally called worry free group buying network". It is said that many journalists in Shanghai lie on the fence now, because where can they find out the latest social news in big Shanghai for the first time?.

in order to meet the growing needs of users in the process, but also in order to allow users to find more value on the site, fence product expansion is almost entirely down the path of the user’s growth. Fence network is the first business to help buyers of "home, building materials"; after buying a house, usually to get married and buy a car, so fence >

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