Taobao guest expert Dai Renguang talk about traditional webmaster transformation Taobao guest experi

Thousands of lecture organized by the Federation of Anhui Internet

old K has presided over the forty-ninth period, the period of guest Dai Renguang, net black humor, personal blog: 2 started, 06 years as a sophomore in Hangzhou access to the Internet, the network of entrepreneurship in Wenzhou, full-time webmaster, start-up Hangzhou super station Technology Co. Ltd. Ali mother community, senior moderator, familiar with community marketing, SEO, and data analysis, Ali mother first Taobao customers, Taobao 28 business street website a record high to earn a 3500 day, million yuan a month income, is the "youth times" "information times" "Wenzhou daily", "global times English

version of the" Report

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership of nearly 3000 people, 500 people before the 6 army was almost full, there are only three groups (500 people) have a small number of seats plus interest, group number: 17581177. Please enter the group with registered UID.

thank you for your support for thousand people’s lectures. At present, all 49 collection address for Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end! Please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Dai Renguang: Hello, everyone. I’m so happy to come to the thousand people’s lecture to share some personal experience about the Taobao bus camp. Taobao guest is a kind of CPS advertising, I believe that before we have also touched CPS, such as excellence, Dangdang, and other B2C sites. Attitude before the webmaster to CPS I believe certainly not good, because of the excellent advertising hanging, hanging Dangdang advertising, the effect is really very obvious, but hang Google Advertising, every day can see a few cents and a few dollars.

but I before a financial site, flow is small, the day 500IP is also very difficult, but the traffic quality is good, to learn the main financial, financial books and articles published, some financial knowledge sharing, flow though is not big, but my promotion are well targeted. Users of the site are basically beginners in finance and learning. Later began to do the excellence excellence alliance, exquisite advertising distribution map in my financial website, after a long time will not effect a little, first, there is definitely a sense of frustration, thought, such a good position, the user should be sure to click on a lot, why not buy it. Later, I took all the ads, replaced by Google Advertising, Google income will come up immediately. Later, still want to continue to do excellent, do I use the method of "financial organization bookstore", put some hot business books collected from, presented in a bookstore form as a web site at the top of column, and then use the website advertising a >

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