The design and optimization of the website page should be based on the specific needs of the users

owners often discuss the construction of a good site, site space or server is preferred, good space or server is the key to the success of the site is located, is even more truly reflect the user experience, these words are right. But another page is also very important, it is the site of the program code, the website code relates to the website of each web page, and each page design is reasonable, whether the need for the user and search engine, is the priority among priorities of website construction, combined with the actual experience of the 48 Forum. Talk about how to design the page the user needs for the purpose of operation.

To design a good website

as can be imagined, every page of the designer is the test, at the time of writing is just the beginning of the program website, the program finished cannot be said to succeed, but also with the users, search engine attributes further improvement and optimization. This requires the webmaster to have a certain ability to edit the code, because the site will continue to update the line after the program, to meet the needs of users and search engines crawl.

targets users,

any website design must understand the user’s need, when the user comes to your website, whether the user will be interested will depend on whether the website has attraction, whether can cause the user sympathetic chord. If the user is not interested in your website content, will leave your website immediately, this is the performance that jumps out rate tall, but the engine such as Baidu is to see in the eye, remember in the heart.

page layout

website design, but also pay attention to the text of the layout, paragraphs do not long, to be an oral person, the text information on the web page, so that users can recognize the text information at once. Even a website of a technical type does not display too much text information on the page. There are not too many sentences in each paragraph, and each sentence is not too long. The purpose of the above design is to meet the user’s reading habits, but also the user experience considerations. At the same time pay attention to the credibility of the site, you can put the site’s record or purpose of the site in a conspicuous place, increasing the user’s sense of security.

is text-based,

When the

in the design of the site, as far as possible to reduce the use of graphics and animation, there is no need to place it can not completely, although pictures and animation can make web pages become more attractive, but the image loading speed is slow, will distract the attention of the user, will ignore the important information on the page, but also with the quality of their own web site space or server account. Glare picture advertising owners also have to consider, because it is not friendly to the search engine, search engine only general text, or difficult to image recognition, image advertising style is the same, which is one of the most important aspects of the user experience.

tracking user


website construction is good, stationmaster must keep track of the demand of the client, master the actual situation of the user, still can undertake >

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