Fanfan basic requirements for website profit


website can make money most of the webmaster should let the mind do at first, but in the increasingly long time slowly, more and more time and energy inputs, and the website is not because of our efforts to make money. This let the webmaster very confusing, I could not find the crux of the problem, today will give you Fanfan analysis the specific reasons, hoping to let many webmaster are confused as early as possible to make money.


website is not able to give us the creation of profit means, this website does not have any practical significance for the owners, to have basic work website money, if the owners do not have to do so, then it is not likely to make money. There are only two basic things I need to know about website profitability: basic planning and perseverance.

for basic planning that simple is also planning to make money, how can really make money, what kind of project is to make money, advertising, or product, or service, no matter which must have a clear positioning. To determine the basic direction, it is necessary to consider the specific details, such as you are advertising, the purpose is to increase website traffic flow, you can also make money, make the product, whether it is for others to sell or sell their own, the purpose is to sell products, do service, the purpose is to we need to find a customer service to our website. Just imagine, if you do the product, to do a lot of traffic, traffic, but did not have a lot of orders, then wasted our energy, focus on our products to potential customers who may come to our website only 100 IP, the conversion rate is 20%, there are 20 orders, do traffic, to 1000 IP, may not produce an order to have friends to do a simple female skin site on the IP site is only 20, but basically every day can have two orders, you can go to the traffic statistics inside view traffic flow is not many. But in Baidu optimization results is not very good, but only for the immediate need of customers do a keyword Baidu know acne Cleansing Cream ranking, let Baidu free to love yourself do an advertisement in the Baidu home page, so you need to do a website to make money basic planning.


for unremittingly, there have been a lot of Seor have said, I will not say, because a lot of people do not have the true sense of the unremittingly, and this is also the reason why so many webmaster only less than 3% of the owners can get development. Sometimes webmaster do more than a month, or did not see the site profit, gradually relax. Website profit is a long-term process, not overnight, and may persist in the hope, not a "well dug 20 meters, did not dig out the water, it will not dig," the result of digging a meter, the water will come out". So I hope the webmaster at least put your perseverance

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