How to make new sites pass Baidu assessment quickly improved

at present, I think most of the SEO webmaster feel that now the site is becoming more and more bad, optimization, especially new sites. Well, no matter how the Baidu algorithm is updated, and how hard the site is optimized, we all have to keep going. After all, the seoSEO industry has a bright future. So, new station how to do to quickly improve,



1, new station planning early, station


space time domain name and stability

2, improve the most basic use of the site function

3, website keywords and long tail keywords layout

4, high quality, high value content updates

two, through social marketing propaganda to new sites drainage

1), QQ group or QQ mailbox

I think everyone knows the QQ group and QQ mailbox, then this is the traditional way of publicity, but this way is very effective, and now these can be performed in software, as long as their own promotional content planning is good, it will inevitably lead to a part of traffic to your site. Of course, whether or not content is very important, let the receiver have the desire to click on the impulse to do. Of course, this is what we call mass


if your site has its own brand, so we can promote the brand to let users to your site, simply say if the QQ group inside you and QQ group members well situation, can make some in the group, what solutions, solve the problem that certain. If you have just released the contents of the user requirements, then you leave your site brand when published it, let the user take the initiative to search your brand word into your site, which not only earned popularity but also help you promote your brand word. Of course, this must ensure that your brand name in the Baidu search engine ranking first, otherwise, so hard to do propaganda, but help others site publicity.

2), WeChat, micro-blog and other social marketing

appropriate combination of some WeChat and micro-blog promotion, also can give your site attracted part of the flow. As we all know, the current mobile terminal traffic gradually rising, traffic is not to be underestimated. As we all know, everyone can not always stay in front of the computer, but now almost everyone has a mobile phone, then we on the outside when we can solve the boring time through the mobile terminal information. And now WeChat and micro-blog have a push feature that can push some good content to your friends, so you can increase the amount of clicks you want.

3) share

the so-called Internet, is the site of the information between the internet. So, don’t be too stingy between the sites

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