Chinese white crane beach like to do my own station

just to see the fast allusion net, to tell the truth, I love this website, and not because the station is luxury or popularity, but the webmaster GJJ is our Sichuan person, GJJ with a bold and persistent US Sichuan people and adhere to.

and GJJ chatted several times on the QQ, but they were in a hurry and made a few exchanges. It was his time in Meishan, and he didn’t know where he was attending.

In fact, I love

I always love to write the site before, because I graduated from junior high school, in the junior high school when he started to publish in "Liangshan daily" above, but because of personal reasons, I was just a junior high school, but I never abandon their diploma, diploma only after all: in the past, only now, only continuous learning can represent the future. Before making the Chinese white crane beach network, I also did a few small stations, but because of their impulse to delete the program, it led to many waste of resources or disappeared. Baidu K was before, because I change the program too diligent reasons, in the past written in the soft inside, in fact, I will change the program in the past.

now I put it into a station, I do not know a station owners have no way out, because now the station is too much, and many of the market are now some of the big portal station to the position occupied, to tell the truth, now the website is not good no matter what, stand, as if the formation of a trend, as of now SNS, everywhere, before the QQ station is also the development everywhere, germinated everywhere. Before, a friend of mine said to me, "can’t find what you do, you do Webmaster Station and QQ station, I think it is also, because these two types of Web site resources are everywhere.". But I still insist on doing my station, the article basically is from the station and the station network above reproduced over, talk is not fresh, but I think, do the site more or less, I can learn more things, I said, I did not learn the computer, I can only their self-study, on the site around resources, learn everywhere, perhaps this is why I insist.


Chinese Baihetan site was done more than 10 days time, but at this time, I in addition to continue to add resources and learning, and I have many webmaster friends about it, I think, anyway, do is to do their own, regardless of how the web development trend now, do I love to do website style of love is not wrong.

send a sentence to the now struggling, and the vast majority of the same as I Webmaster: dreams can be achieved, the key is to see whether you persist in the end.

finally thank, and other Webmaster Station, I reproduced the resources.

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