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most people in the planning website profit model, always like to own website profit model very strange, very complicated, because they think profit model is more complex, the better. In fact, this is a serious wrong concept.

, Google, Baidu and other search engine model is simple, sell advertising;

online game profit model, Russia is very simple, selling cards or selling equipment;

, Dangdang, and Joyo are also very simple e-commerce sites, selling books and DVDs;

why is a simple model easier to succeed than a complex profit model? There are 2 main reasons:

The more complex the

1 and the profit model, the more the links in the project. According to the cask theory, one of the links is wrong and it is easy to fail. Simple profit model, the link is very small, so it is easier to succeed than the complex model.

The more complex the

2 and the profit model, the more complex their operations may be for the users who pay you. Complex things that make users feel bored, users feel bad, so that they pay money will naturally be difficult.

all profitable websites are doing one thing: selling products or services,

is a small Wangzhuan, I summed up the following his own experience, in a forum for so long, and all are registered and have the money, money, what is the hang of the classroom chat, do a year to earn money not worth mentioning, even broadband costs are not enough. After multiple considerations or electronic commerce to make money fast, Chen Anzhi said, want to make a lot of money to your boss, so I have to find a friend, he said the electronic commerce station for a long time, the www.16yingxiao.cn station, my agent all his software, including a variety of bulk, bulk mail, the blog group, QQ group, with Baidu group, Post Bar group and brush site traffic software, I proxy the software, first opened a Taobao store, with a try attitude, but did not expect the first day I will earn 60 yuan, because the software can be replicated, not what cost so, I opened a pat, pat popularity seem less, earn less, but you have enough money to eat, and then later, I went to his friends Our identity cards, more than a few Taobao shop, and now easily earn 100, of course, mass software gave me a lot of power. These are some of my little experiences. I hope you don’t laugh at me. Now also prepared to do a web site, in the days to come, I hope everyone will support, thank you here, "first-class marketing network", so that I can mix on the network for so long.

A variety of different

Wangzhuan is only their products and services are different, their sales in different ways. But in the final analysis, they are doing sales. But the size of the success is mainly due to >

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