How to operate in order to maximize the content of its effectiveness marketing strategy is the key


It takes a lot of time and effort for

to create valuable content. Of course, anyone who writes a few words together can be called content, but something that is shared can really be valuable to your business.

good content can strengthen your business and build a reputation for you. In order to create valid content, you need to make sure that content is accessible and shareable.

is the key to marketing strategy to maximize its effectiveness. So, if the content is good enough, how do you let the audience share it?

1. is special enough.

personalized content, to ensure that content can spread like a virus, to provide the audience with the most valuable information. There is a saying that the most personal is the most common, so don’t be afraid to attract the audience.

A good suggestion for

is to first recognize the audience’s "pain points" and then write content that meets their particular needs. Once you find the pain point, write the questions you are answering as the title.

, for example, if you’re in the content marketing business, one of the main appeals of customers may be that they have been paying for worthless content in the past. So how do they know their employment and pay is good and its author? Will the contents of the focus to meet the needs of the audience, with the title attracted them, like "do not want to waste money on the boring content?" or other equivalent effect problem.

, companies looking for content are likely to click and read your content. If the content itself is as interesting as the title, it is possible for them to share what is good for themselves and their friends.

2. simplification.

, your posts should be easy to share. If your audience reads your content and thinks it’s very exciting, they should be able to share the text on the network by clicking on a single button. If you’re sharing the controls into the entire content, you’re making a costly mistake. Optimize your web site and content to make it simple.

should not let readers log in to read content, let alone share it. Make one key sharing as simple as possible by using controls to automatically populate text for readers. At the same time, controls inserted into social networking sites, such as TweetDis, can highlight and share specific paragraphs on twitter. You can also use shared plug-ins and WordPress plug-ins, such as Shareaholic.

3. remember asking.

don’t forget to use the power of "asking" to share content with your audience. At the end of the article or content, you can ask the audience whether to share this content. Sometimes a simple sharing request is enough for people to do so.

if you find it unwise to ask about that, you can use content locks >

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