Analysis of the collection of class electricity supplier website four problems


electronic commerce although the earnings are not as good as before, but the collection of electronic business profitability is still quite good, but also a part of the fastest growing, this and our country to the collection of common hobbies has an important relationship, a lot of things can become collectibles, such as cigarette box, once hot collection of IC card and so on, only you can not think of collections. In addition, the collection master has gradually become the favorite of TV programs in recent years, which has greatly stimulated the expansion of the collection market.

has a solid foundation for the market, the collection of e-commerce site profitability expansion will naturally fall into place, but not all of the sites are able to make money in this industry, with the increasing participation of enterprises and individuals, the competition more and more intense, while the market value is relatively large, but the audience after all, relatively small, in which a smaller audience, get more attention, it needs its own marketing means to good use. And the core of the collection class business website is involved in marketing four major problems.

1: position your products,

products too much, your site ready to sell what kind of products, the product value of the collection is reflected in where, this is in operation before the collection of electricity supplier website must clear the problem, our collection of products in the sales, may not engage in a sales advertisement in the relevant channel: do not need 1999 and there is no need for the 999, only 299 of the 299, is to give certain products to take home, let you have the absolute high appreciation of space. The use of such advertising words obviously can not touch the heartstrings that consumers want to buy. Only have a deep understanding of the product, and find the target user by positioning, and then talk about the value of these collections to the target users.

curve because of the appreciation of different collections is not the same, such as the Olympic gold coin collection, the appreciation of space will include two points, one is the gold and silver itself over time with increasing appreciation of the role as Olympic gold and silver coins will be with the loss of time, there will be a very powerful memorable, the more memorable strong, the appreciation will be higher, of course, how much will this memorial significance and this set of gold and silver coins in circulation have a great relationship, if the issue is very common, so the appreciation of space is relatively small. Therefore, these should be reasonable to tell investors, so that investors do a good distinction, so that they will because of your professional and trust your website, the sale will be taken for granted.

two: how to compete with similar sites


is competitive, it should learn from the introduction and analysis of competitors, product positioning and marketing of these competitors, SEO optimization ability, website functions and user experience all-round analysis, understand their strengths, find their own advantages and shortcomings, and how to improve, improve from which aspect to learn to try.

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