Let the actual site traffic P3000 dari method

for a long time did not visit A5, think of this to the place where I grew up, I feel there are a lot of emotion, A5 let I learned a lot of knowledge network promotion, A5 is raising me today, Tu when Yongquan, this is my China to the ancient saying, today to take this opportunity to recommend a fast method of flow to the webmaster. But this approach is not for everyone. I have to have the following qualifications and be diligent. Do not say much nonsense, first take my own successful case to talk about.

this method is very familiar to everyone. I just take it out and review it. I have lots of blogs myself, and one of them is the little farmer blog. The blog site time last year in November, at the end of the year rose to 3, because this blog is 100% original, the weight is also considered to be relatively high. Before I could use it, the traffic was about 1000IP per day, sometimes only seven hundred or eight hundred. I said that these are mainly to explain my method to meet the conditions: first, the site must have a certain weight, it is best that kind of article released, ten minutes can let Baidu and GG included station.

second: have a keen eye. We should always watch Google hot list and Baidu Chinese search list, and Sogou rankings. And be diligent.

Take the

, when I found the word Shoushou gate in the Google hot list, I think this will be a hot topic these days, so I immediately search related articles in Baidu, found that not many articles, look at the news of the search, only a few hours ago release.

this time, I immediately did the following things: using keyword search tools, analysis of a number of related keywords, second, to Internet users’ thinking analysis of a number of keywords. In this way, I identified Shoushou before the photo, Shoushou photo portrait, Shoushou pornographic video online watch download, respectively, wrote three original articles for the title. Released about five minutes later, Baidu and GG included my blog, and as a result, my website immediately increased traffic, and to the second day, when I came to statistics, PV already has more than 15000, while IP has more than 4000.

I want to love the other friends, forming the majority of grassroots webmaster, I Q:345563879 (please indicate the source of the first test): 315 out of http://s.315taoke.com

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