A 9 million site construction project brings me some experience

5 months time, with a team of nearly 20 people, the implementation of a 9 million site construction project, the middle has experienced numerous ups and downs, but fortunately can be successfully checked and accepted. During this period of time, my understanding and summary of the project management were written below. I didn’t know where to write, but it was the most important practical experience.

1. comprehensive understanding of the situation,

2. plans to make a big plan, and have a number of task breakdown plans to confirm the Guan Jian points and milestones in the plan.

3. identifies risk points. Break down risk

5. with superior resources (red, on the table, wink, nothing)

6. rationalize team membership.

7. meets the ability, the wrong person immediately changes. Don’t hesitate,

8. all conversations with customers should be documented, even if it’s a broken paper.

9. must drive ahead,

10. to guide customer requirements.

11., the most important, must be put into, it is best to sleep at night, the hair is white.

12., most of the project staff is not enough, how to do it depends on your organizational capabilities,

13. supervisor is a good friend,

14. frequent reporting, frequent communication,

15. forces the leader to work for you, and the leader sees a member of your project team,

16. has a special person to write documents.

17. staffing: Project Manager, technical manager, program development, program testing, business. It would be better if there were quality managers.

19., there must be a team you can discuss with him, you can not afford to think big, very comprehensive. This person is often trained in project work.

20. should train members of the team to take the initiative to consider problems, not work like a robot, each project team will have such one or two good staff. You need to give him responsibility, so he has to think for himself.

21. sometimes with the mouth, and sometimes with paper. When to use your mouth and when to use paper depends on your control of the project.

22., as the project leader, don’t rush into making commitments. You’d better think twice before you answer.

23., the problem is divided into severity, not every problem is very urgent, and some problems can even be put on for one or two days.

24. is hardly applicable to the so-called management standards and procedures in the course of a specific project.

25. design a routine of its own,.


26. project will never be perfect

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