Local websites a reflection on communities and portals

although I created small town portal to finally with vigour and vitality of failure, but gained some practice in operation promotion in the experience, the experience may not be worth mentioning, but I believe that it will have some local station carries the dream venture webmaster friends a little help.

Comparing the

community forum with the portal, which one do you prefer,


I read most of the local sites from the establishment to the promotion, write some more passion, some thought is quite clear, and when I visit their website, that is the forum program (DZ, PW) when posting scanty found only a few spam posts alone in that, some popularity and user experience is very bad, there is a part of the site specific procedures, although the website looks more extensive content, but the user experience is still not high, which is why, then I think this problem has drawn two conclusions, first that is, although you are building forum, but not what the content of the post resonance, the natural recovery is less popular but cannot effectively gather all the loss And, in section division, just to get some entertainment gossip or literature video partition, like this forum is not let those very local users have a sense of identity, later we’ll specifically talk about this issue, and those selected portal friends, a portal framework we know with respect to the community forum it is also need to spend energy, even some initial column module we don’t need to, such as real estate information or some looks very atmospheric but not independent operation of the personal webmaster penned some other projects, so you start to their location, if it is alone in doing it suggestions, or the first operation of the community, such as strength or flow and team work.

about content and membership, is the cornerstone of community development, but also the core of the community

we know that the forum, that is, BBS, is actually a discussion area where people can freely publish views to communicate with each other. Well, local forums, in fact, I prefer to call the community. The forum this form after years of evolution, especially to the local here, there should be a more accurate and the depth of the definition of the word is the first local local community can do what? These are from the same city people’s real needs, such as housing, real estate, second-hand, friends, some of the topics discussed just like Zhou Ning, big brother (the dream Qinhuai) said, the local marriage, which is specific to the wedding dress shop service attitude is better, which photography quality is better, XXX took place along the fights, what do you think of the recent prices, which opened a new Hot pot shop is a discount, in fact this, just say content and post we’ll be closer to the real needs of the people around, although these topics are so fragmented and small, but very sticky, key.

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