Lu Songsong how long should blog posts be good

The optimum length of

in the blog article should be? 2005-2008 years before Lu Songsong blog is not independent, my article not only to 100 words or less; in 2009, my article in 500-800 words; with the development of blog writing more and more often in 2010, post about 2000 words, then I feel more and more post is too long, too few people can read complete. Many bloggers have argued for a long time on this issue, and we need to consider a number of factors in determining the length of the article.


1: reader’s attention length

doesn’t know who studies have shown that when users read content online, attention can only be concentrated for a short time, with an average of less than 2 minutes. This means that you have only one and a half minutes to communicate with the readers. As a result, many editors of web portals deliberately limit the length of their content to the range they can read within a few seconds.


The popular belief that

SEO optimizes a brick is that too short or too long web pages fall behind the long page. Of course, no one knows how much is the ideal number of words in the Google and Baidu heart of an article, but generally believe that a no less than 250 words is reasonable, appropriate, many people also believe that the page should not exceed 1000. It’s just a range, don’t ignore the user’s feelings for the search engine.

3: the number of articles

I see online there is a saying, the shorter, can write more and more articles, through the search engine accumulated more readers, and many blogs or websites provide top off short information, one or two words sum up the meaning of news. For example, geek information, each article is no more than 500 words, even shorter than micro-blog can become a news release.

4: themes and types

usually your post type determines the length of it, such as review articles are usually very long; and news articles are written in a lot of people, so it should be short; like Lu Songsong often wrote partial technical articles, so the hierarchy must be clear, should be the control and control.

5: complete the article theme

in the previous article "how to write a review article" I clarify one point: write articles like primary school writing to "part whole" routine of writing, the purpose is to put the theme of comprehensive description, then stop. Simply to collect words is definitely not wise, but the article is too short to cover the whole.

well, here you are. In short, the articles are too long or too short. Try to make sure that the user can read the article in 2 minutes. You can also write long articles and short articles, write long articles for your readers, and read short articles

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