How to do a website

How the

site planning? How to enter the specific production site? How to promote? In fact these three problems many website building tutorials including books are mentioned, but some webmaster friends have no heart to think, I put these issues to write today, intended to help the webmaster to pay attention to these basic knowledge.

website planning: the basic purpose of website planning is to point out a direction for website construction and website development. Before making a website, or before planning, you should think about these questions:

what kind of Web site would you like to make,


why did you do this site,


, do you really want to do this site,


, do you have the ability to do this site,


, can you hold on,


what’s your goal,


if you can’t get the answer to the above question, or some of the answers are negative, then I advise you to quit doing this site.

The first step: the establishment of

planning website theme, is what you will put the content on this site, which belong to the classification, in the analysis to some of the webmaster friends, I found that too many friends, early site, the content of the web site are similar with the SOHU, but also a lot of content and the subject does not match how, in the absence of funds, not the ability, you really have the ability to maintain so much content? So when the site planning is to establish the good website content is very important. In the initial stage of construction, the lack of funds and manpower of friends, I suggest that you establish the content of the web site should be dedicated and refined, and then want to increase the content of the time, and then slowly developed. For those who already have a team of funds, you can first define a topic, and then you can do something related to the topic. Do not blindly follow the trend of some websites, such as hao123, HAO123 is a special mode in the network development process, the reason for its success is not a matter of timing, content, and now the time passed, we blindly follow is a waste of cyber source, I found a lot of friends love to do this kind of website, because this type of website maintenance more convenient or simply do not have to maintain, I suggest that really want to do a website friend to give up this web site, or will he as a section of the site, unless you can have a better than great innovation. The establishment of the content of the website is also related to your interest. It is suggested that friends should start from their interests, establish a personalized, practical and valuable website content, and consider the content of some market vacancies.

plan second steps: classify your website content. No content classification of the site is not good, put a pile of things in it, a whole hodgepodge, users find information on your website, it is not inconvenient to find information. The classification of the website must be reasonable and must be considered and must be really convenient for users. Don’t be too thin, unless your content is true

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