Fuxing tell me something about A5’s soft hair

"content is king, the chain for emperor", the most troubling is the chain, the original method my method is adopted by the forum with anchor text links, but the effect is not very obvious, most of the time, included a few days later, again, my mood with the chain up and down the ups and downs.

in doing the chain, met a friend, told me to learn to write soft Wen, he said in A5 hair soft Wen has two benefits:

1, A5 website weight is high, as long as the article through the review, Baidu basic seconds to collect, the quality of the chain is good.

2, A5 articles, there are many sites will reprint, you can achieve a passive increase in the chain.

heard him say so, my heart is ready to, but do not know what to write, not feel afraid of literary talent, write well, pass the examination of how to do? A lot of friends should have this concern, I put this concern told me that a friend, he said to me: OK, write, sincere points, finished to pass the audit of the.


are encouraged, according to some of my findings do website, wrote an article: "analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of" Fuxing do single page Taobao customers using SEO spent a night writing, looked again, changed and changed, please friends help me modify. But this article I or not sent out.

second days, my friend sent me a link on QQ. I looked at it. Hey, I wrote it on A5, and it’s still my name. Later I learned that my friend had contributed to me on A5 without knowing it.

is the first experience, behind a little courageous, made one, did not expect less than 10 minutes through the audit, summed up their own written text, I think this can write soft aspects of

(1) share their experiences,

This is your SEO

experience can learn knowledge, meet the difficulties and get to do, they do Wangzhuan project from failure to success of the process, described his own experience as a narrative story, we often see in A5 such as how I started to earn much from this kind of article is 0.

(2) share what you’ve learned,

usually in the process of learning, the learning of new technologies, or more useful methods, summed up as an article, and share your own new discoveries. As long as you are careful, you can feel it,

(3) share the insights of hot events

hot events generally can attract a lot of eyeballs in a period of time, a method of hot event marketing is drainage, from hot events, can affect the analysis of the cause of the incident and bring, summed up his views on the event, like before the seowhy in Baidu ranking, ups and downs timing, it there are people in this.

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