How to analyze Baidu spider to his website

recently, when often have nothing to love to have various forums, to see, to see. Why? The reason is very simple, I go to other forums to answer questions do the chain ah, let Baidu spider climb to my site to grab my web page through the chain ah, but these days, have found a problem, should be in the network marketing business friends to have a website. Is many webmaster, I estimate ha, may have been a novice, basically ask questions are About Baidu what time will be included in your own web pages, said that, you can go to see me this article, on the site of the pre novice mentality, is helpful to the novice. Or whether Baidu spider came to my site, how do I know Baidu spider came to my site? We just need to check the website diary, go to a good analysis of the website diary.

Baidu spider was a means of things, recently heard of Baidu in the big adjustment, resulting in many of the site’s ranking, a large number of changes in the chain ah, what the old Adsense is not hungry, but for new adsense. There was a moment of fear. Do not know when the adjustment of Baidu when to stabilize it?.

In fact, Baidu spider

is to follow the law, it is usually a small change on Monday, January a big change that, for the novice, just take a good attitude adjustment, the article is about the mentality of the reference please no problem [SEO]; "mentality change new learning, the small details about Baidu spider again, know that these will know Baidu spider on your website specifically what to do.

Baidu spiders are roughly divided into three categories:

our most common is: this section of 220.181.108.*! This IP attention is responsible for crawling website updates, and increase the weight of the role of the site.

followed by: 123.125.71*. This IP attention is responsible for some of the weight of relatively low website, article grab, and the original degree of the article, usually in 48 hours grab your web page, but also in 48 hours to delete your data. This is also a lot of novice webmaster, strange is why my site included less than a long time, there is no ranking reasons. Must pay attention to everyone, this IP appears in the website diary must be careful!


, the last one, is also a IP:123.125.68* that people don’t want to see. This IP we generally called the Black Knight, if he came to your site, site you will be reduced or K right away, good will grab you once, if a large number of sites that Baidu spiders, your website is ready to be K off, also said you found that Baidu did a lot of bad things. This IP thing, many old webmaster do not want to see IP.

Baidu spider’s three basic categories of work:

In front of

, we say, "most often."

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