Talk about community user growth from a tight loop

well, start with a tight circle.

recently also made an activity for Jen’s children’s shoes, a brainstorming about how to add powder to the little secret circle, and read a lot of answers. Well, today’s topic is because this is a very typical scene.

, a paid community product that has a certain size and reputation, then what is the next step?.

I know that the recent growth in the concept of hacker special fire, how to guide the user, how to use various traffic platform, how to use some communication skills or special flow media, these have many skills, play, routines, and related topics extend.

I also mentioned, many entrepreneurs have no concept of flow is introduced, no user access to the concept of cost, many products wishful thinking on there, there is no user; so many entrepreneurs should have the awareness and skills to get traffic flow.

, but everything has its limits. When all the topics and all the discussions are focused on traffic acquisition, I think there’s a big problem here.

is now a lot of new entrepreneurs, some bad atmosphere, see some traffic tips, see some routines to pull out the wool, wanted to quickly learn over the pursuit of fast track, eager to get traffic, then rush to cash. From the media point of view or from the perspective of some tools, there may be such routines. But if you do community, some things, really urgent.

community products, the basis for user growth is not the entrance of the flow, but the user’s participation, satisfaction.


has joined the user satisfaction is not high, participation is not high, so the new user is meaningless, then the development of the user, the product is only to hasten death, the bad reputation will expand rapidly, few users will give you a second chance.

we say excellent product managers have a core quality that is subtraction. Brainstorming brings many new ideas, new ideas, but the most valuable ones are not to be compatible with these ideas, but to understand what can not be done and why not.

a strategy, a functional design, product designers are often in a purely and ideal vision, but users may not be as you imagine. Some of the features will be abused, some bad people to pull out the wool, some people will use some loopholes in the rules and then sped away all of these arbitrage; the negative, you need to face and shoulder.

in fact, these problems already exist in this particular product.

to enhance the user’s satisfaction, participation, is the basis of all development; and the so-called ascension is the premise, to prevent and combat the lead to satisfaction, falling participation behavior, which Arbitrage Behavior?.

from my point of view, I think the top priority

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