Website operation considers user loyalty first think product popularity again

many website operators novice friends to get a website or take over a product, I would like to in the shortest possible time to let everyone know, and then let users deal. So I have to look at dry goods all day and think how to drain, as much as possible to increase exposure, but the situation is generally around the circle, down or in place. In fact, he is here to say, not too much promotion of funds and resources, we should first consider the promotion of operations is to enhance the loyalty of users, rather than product awareness. This is a train of thought, the professional point is to maintain their seed users, and then as much as possible so that they can help you spread propaganda. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. Let’s expand on that.

1. Why do you start with user loyalty?

may be in the minds of many people, after the product line, the first idea is to spend money to advertise outside, especially in the traditional industry sales promotion is very common. After the accumulation of a certain amount of user groups, will be able to think of a variety of ways to enhance user loyalty.

but in the promotion of Internet operations in fact we should change the idea, to start with a small number of customer loyalty, and then use the word of mouth and appropriate external promotion, to promote the popularity of the products, we are familiar with the unfamiliar street, drops, millet and other giants company is beginning to make up from the seed user. There are several reasons for doing this:

1, the product has just been on line, not very perfect, seed users can help us improve the product;

normally, when our website or product just on the line, there will be a lot of user experience is not good, this time you need a group can help you find the problem of users, continue to help you improve your product experience, won the best opportunity for rapid iteration behind the product, and the role of the seed user can not


even has many users to start with and invite to seed users directly, new user registration may also take invitation until almost perfect product and the first batch of seeds of active users to be mobilized, and then open registration


2, in many cases, we did not have too much money and resources to carry out extensive promotion at first,

many times, the product has just been on the line, can not get too much money or resources for large-scale promotion, at this time choose a small part of the seed users as the focus of operations is wise. Because seed users don’t spend too much money on their search (many are based on mutual communication and product recognition), there are many free access channels.

3, for a small number of people to do more user-friendly experience;

, after accumulating the first seed users, we need to constantly improve our product user experience to meet their needs, in addition to our daily interaction, and we know that the accuracy of the seed user is very much

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