Walking in the rain Shandong SEO team re examination

in late spring and summer solstice, Ji’nan rain begins to fill up the underground springs, spring began to surge, people’s thoughts began to swell that couldn’t help, full of excitement. muddy night, rain dripping, nourish the soul, in the cafe, a graffiti "College Station, how long can you stick?".

online aggregation moist air on the side of the rain, condemned CNN’s red sparkle, while the "struggle" again and again take advantage of the opportunity, aftertaste, also made a special rush DIY – accused the west of false media reports, students against the CNN webmaster. (www.daxue163.com/diy/fancnn) enjoying my own DIY, a heart flashing in QQ, and a "HI" from Bai Bing, the Shandong SEO team, started my unexpected "re examination"".

young heart is very passionate, we talked about love from the cause, from SEO talk about Alibaba, from the network culture about China’s economy, very casual, very natural. From this easy QQ chat network, not only each have a more in-depth understanding, and more let me in the Shandong SEO team to the young team on appeal, have more understanding, more ideas, not consciously improved.

savor the "re examination", Bai Bing there are several people pondering, elaboration, let people learn.

1, your girlfriend is a nice girl, take good care of yourself. Young said, there is not a false beauty, bless others to bless oneself. This is a company that believes that lovers will affect the work of the times, Bai Bing’s sincere words, I can not help but appreciate, but also won my girlfriend moved.

2, "we use SEO not to optimize the website, but first optimize the idea", you realize the highest level of SEO. To acknowledge another is to improve oneself. There is no wrong guidance, only serious explanation. For my obedience to the network, not only more confident, but also to find the maxima bole.

3, the habit of thinking well is good, but do more. No penetrating, just hit. Idealism, I like to think in the eight space of thinking, unconstrained, realistic constraints, may make passion become rational. Bai Bing noted that "money is the basis of team development, the team is not the development of personality, three months without wages is the leader of shame, let the value of the organic unity of value and team members of the union, is the basis of optimization.

4, later, I can not, the leadership can be done by you, as long as the team forward. In the heart can contain the people of the world, the world can allow such a person. By, Meng Cheng clothing. I always feel that the art of leadership is not iron discipline, everyone’s potential to the extreme, only to show the "Tang Seng team" excellent. Not worship, just admire. In such a young country team, mind the world. Like Bai Bing’s last words, "how to improve the nation’s economy,"

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