The business of car cushion websites more cooperation more proof

After graduation,

has been doing the car seat in the hands of the site, just a year, has reached the weight of 4, although the results are not very good, but also to their satisfaction. Of course, friends who have done the website know that weight does not mean anything, and the key is to seize the conversion rate. In fact, when it comes to the conversion rate we all know behind what it represents, it is profit. There are plenty of revenue we can continue to do what you love, or anything. The same is true on the web. However, what I want to introduce to you today is also a few thoughts on your website operation.

when it comes to car seat many people think this is a not to regard it as right, small projects, not like clothes, shoes and the like to sell, indeed, his company had to do this when they have encountered a lot of twists and turns. The first point is that customers do not trust our new factory, because there is not much understanding of our strength, so feel free to order, this idea is indeed understandable, after all, who is not able to do business will own chips to a stranger. But just wait certainly could not get good performance and enough capacity to impress the target customers? So at this time, we start with the Taobao customer, when opening a flagship store in Tmall, we compared with several powerful Taobao customers for cooperation, the commission rate was as high as forty percent, you may we will ask the factory and earn? The answer is certainly not a profit! But we are not in this, we want our products to play out, let more and more people begin to accept us, creating a Amoy brand from the network, similar to the starry like enterprise, and for customers that our production capacity is no problem.

a month after the operation, the order is really up, at this time we will own sales screenshots and delivery data analysis, and made the relevant information, to the customer. That’s when they start believing us, but that doesn’t mean we can sell our products. In the cushion market has the characteristic, can become the winner. In order to let more potential customers to know the value of our existence, we will not only their own sales and screenshots linked to the "network marketing" column, also deliberately made a "core technology" plate, let more buyers recognize that we sell more than cheap, but because we have compared to the others the advantage that the value of their own existence. After this move out effect is good, is not only a few customers on the goal line, the line still has a lot of potential tenants out of the water, and we talk with the case types are more and more rich, to enhance the performance of it is no longer a problem.

In this way

added, add website optimization and content is the key, search rankings can bring us rankings, and supplementary contents can be chicken ribs, it can help us to guide buyers, so we must pay attention to, would rather spend to do not neglect their own.

relies on Taobao to make achievements online, and takes cases and

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