Grab Yin network talent auction model to subvert the traditional recruitment network


in the field of Internet innovation and raging like a storm, everywhere, not subversion! Recently online recruitment field and popped a dark horse – grab Yin network, the subversion of the traditional recruitment services, creating a new business model, the first human stock market "and" talent "talent investment" reverse auction "," good people have to grab forward-looking, breakthrough ideas, launched the world’s first stock market investment talent auction platform


to look at Zhaopin as the representative of the traditional network recruitment model, we can easily find that there are 6 major drawbacks:

1, passive phenomenon: in the past, talent recruitment is passively looking for jobs, resumes, etc. replies, traditional websites are based on position, talent out of a passive position. At the same time, employers are also very passive recruitment, are in accordance with the release position, download or receive resumes and other replies to the old road, can not take the initiative to select talent. Grab the net for the first time gathered a large number of talents, employers from now on can directly select the talents.

2, jungle phenomenon: the existence of information, the traditional site without filtering, like a rabbit into the forest as it is blind. Many talented personnel’s information is outdated and invalid, the post information is not real, lacks the good faith and the quality guarantee.

3, silent phenomenon: the same as the radio silence, because the traditional service model can not really participate in both, not effective interaction can not perceive each other’s needs, employers do not know the talent to find jobs, employers looking for talents do not know, so there is a waste of time, each miss phenomenon.

4, wait for the phenomenon: the traditional model, there is no aging mechanism, talent, and other employers reply, employers and other talents difficult to reply, resulting in inefficient and long wait, the natural user experience is out of the question.

5, a phenomenon: the current recruitment service exists serious information asymmetry, employers do not know the dynamic job market and target personnel selection office personnel, personnel recruitment employers do not know the dynamic market and target positions, and thus can not very well make the right decisions and judgments, and thus missed the opportunity.

6, dislocation: traditional service between talent and a resume to the employer alone bridge, there is no real participation and effective interaction, and lack of understanding of each other, causing people to post does not match, not satisfied with the result.

for the above mentioned pain points, grab Yin network how to solve?

1, and thoroughly subvert the post office as the center of the old model, pioneered a new model of talent centered

traditional service model is to position as the center, the employer in the first place, the talent is in accordance with the search position, send resume, waiting for the process of reply, in a passive position. Grab the net for the first time to achieve the "talent" as the center, that "good talent will grab", gathered a large number of talented people display style, let the employer to search people