How to choose web games for operation

MMORPG products in the domestic online games market has been dominated, so MMORPG is the most competitive online games "Red Sea", if the lack of experience in operating capital or rich hard in this market in talent shows itself. This will undoubtedly make huge profits for those who aspire to online games business is very difficult to find suitable opportunities for online entry, but as widely implemented in recent years combined operation mode and web game suddenly hot, the network game operation threshold is lowered again and again, so that those who had to eat cake online website, companies and even individuals have the opportunity to have a share in today’s online games market.

how do you choose web games to operate,


1. to survey data of the operation of the game, don’t just look at the publicity and post data include: server cost of inputs, the number of users online at the same time, the peak load, the proportion of paying customers, ARUP value etc..

The background and strength of the

2. survey developed by the company, whether continuous updating and maintenance, can guarantee the effective technical support, the development team’s history and experience, the development of the company’s credit and reputation.

3. looks at the type of game, whether it meets the tastes of its own channels or users, the cost of promotion, the constant cost of operation and maintenance, the duration of sustainability, and so on.

4. you can build from the media, marketing channels, information station, forum maintenance, game management and professional operation team, game operation and management has a very high professional operation, or may several times will be the direct result of income gap.

5. is a better mastery of a game, and the operation of ten kinds of game each open a group of servers, as do a game, open ten servers, not only for the development of companies have confidence in you, and the operation cost is greatly reduced, in fact, can take a game to the 10 group of server revenue is far after ten games each of a group of servers.

to play Alliance ( as an example, the company is located in the south of Silicon Valley Chinese " " (Guangzhou, Tianhe District) the core zone, convenient transportation, office environment, spacious bright, luxurious facilities, the company has set a large number of rich research experience and game planning experience senior professionals, the successful development of the 2D graphics "game engine based" webgame2.0 "only, currently developed games landlords, mahjong mania, happy upgrade Siguo etc..

Webgame operating channels overview, webgame and traditional MMORPG game operators, promotion channels are very different, simply said:

1.webgame almost does not push the Internet bar promotion, but this is one of MMO’s main promotion channels.