Hot talk a domain name triggered problems

everyone knows that domain name is the beginning of a website, also be the main component of website. A good domain name is critical to the user experience, so the war on domain names continues until now.

some time ago, from Jingdong mall heavily in the acquisition of "Jingdong" Larry domain, and the purchase price of not less than 3 million. Far not said this a few days, Metersbonwe spent 2 million 300 thousand to buy "state purchase" domain name. Therefore, the domain name is more and more attention from the field of the industry. Many stakeholders have chosen to invest in domain names. Here, what I want to say is that domain names are becoming more and more important. Remind you to protect your own domain name. Next, tell me about a war triggered by a domain name, ha ha, I deliberately exaggerated, I hope you can attach importance to.

we all know buy domain name is generally directly manipulated by agents on the web, the price is quite cheap, as everyone knows, is the right to use your own domain name, but ownership is not entirely you. I got this kind of problem.

yesterday, I’m going to put my domain name transferred to another agent (in here not the name, to avoid playing advertising, and communication) to find the relevant personnel in the network company, watch out what is the need to provide information. But what surprised me was what happened. Here’s a brief list of their chats:

new registrar: contact the original registrar, the domain name push to our new network agent account, and then to our side to submit the transfer application

old registrar: fill out all 3 forms. ": new domain name owner change agreement.Doc" " domain name management change disclaimer.Doc" " domain name management change request form.Doc"

old registrar: internal transfer is to renew a year, go to your friend over there is to renew a year

The new

registrar is not it, turn out to renew, renew cannot be transferred. Just went to renew here a year. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s their own company.

do you see clearly? These are the more important chats I have listed. Thus, the transfer of the domain name is a very troublesome thing, not only to fill in the three table, but also to renew to the two companies. I just don’t understand, this domain has not expired, but also turn out to renew the old registrar, really depressed. In order to protect my domain, I do not dare to offend the old registrar, also have to renew them.

I would like to ask you, is the domain name roll out this way, if not reasonable, what is the solution? I hope enthusiastic netizens reply me, my QQ is: 1021360269, thank you all.

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