How should tourism industry use pictures to attract consumers

visual content is the champion of almost all the best marketing practices in all industries. In tourism, in particular, this way, because travel pictures are very powerful marketing elements.

Social media website

today’s most popular are the pictures as the main (such as Pinterest, Instagram); and there are many hotels have played a key role in these platforms, because they know the importance of visual penetration and interaction.

but most of the time, these visual effects are bad on the hotel’s official website or on the OTA platform, resulting in a loss of sales. But do you know the reason? Here are some of the most common reasons:

1. pictures feel too old or too small

with the passage of time, the computer screen becomes more and more big, so you should also adjust the visual effect! No one love in 2880× a 300× 1800 resolution screen; 300 pixel images. Not only does it leave a bad impression on consumers, they also leave immediately and choose other hotels.


Evolution of

computer screen

2. outdated visual effects

hoteliers generally update their websites every two years so that they don’t see much of the sights and pictures they see when they arrive at the hotel.

you should show any renovations or new decorations in your hotel. This also lets the browsing consumer understand that your hotel has been maintaining.

3. integrates multiple media

many of the hotel’s official website does not provide full screen browsing pictures. At least for me, it’s disappointing when I want to look at the pictures more closely and find out they can’t.

let your picture size show up to the maximum allowable by the website.

also, don’t let your visitors switch pages frequently to browse data on different media. Please integrate pictures, virtual scenes, floor layouts, or videos to the same multimedia player.

4. is not the right color: that’s the point,

believe it or not, color and light can make a big difference in the visual effects of the picture. The photographers installed color fixing software on the computer, and the corrected color may disappear when their PS visual content is displayed on your client computer.

the sky may look overly blue, and palm trees are overly green, which will make people believe that the pictures have been artificially modified.

please test the color and brightness of the visual content on different monitors to make sure this does not happen.

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