Daily interaction over 500 thousand times secret WeChat promotion operations


/ Guan Peng (Sohu IT contributing author)

WeChat public

platform has become the hottest enterprise marketing platform, there are a large number of Internet Co and traditional enterprises in the daily use of public accounts through the mobile terminal and the fans can not only sending text, pictures, video, voice and other information, can also conduct in-depth communication on a.

is now WeChat public platform has become the industry’s preferred channel platform, the communication needs of the user to the strong tourism industry, but also actively joined WeChat as a mobile real-time customer service platform, providing reservation function, attractions tickets discount and other services, directly facing the 300 million WeChat users, bring new service experience.

let’s see a data: "as the WeChat membership card test the water of the Chinese front courtyard card on-line 90 days, access to 520 thousand WeChat users concerned, activate more than 200 thousand members."". This undoubtedly proves that the mobile Internet users just need to Turisthotellet. As a marketing elong tourism website platform leading travel network in the field of micro-blog has been outsiders fine road, and WeChat in the marketing field, according to the author’s understanding, eLong WeChat opened its public number, but also a high return in depth after the operation, high subscription hundreds of thousands of.


, let’s combine the micro signals of eLong Travel Network to understand the promotion of WeChat public number:

1, WeChat public good content positioning: the author has been particularly valued content positioning of WeChat, micro-blog is actually the case, the author contact from the early start to elong, it is a very professional travel enthusiasts of micro-blog, so early already pay attention to it, later confirmed that indeed positioning elong micro-blog is in place, as of today at the Sina micro-blog has 1 million 710 thousand fans, the same WeChat positioning is very important.


since WeChat public platform opened in August 18, 2012 has led more than 1000 V5 push WeChat enthusiasts with operating WeChat, told the location of the WeChat operator must do WeChat content from the beginning of the author. We must value the contents, intensive and meticulous farming, no pure advertising push, often caused widespread resentment of users. The formation of content is based on meeting the needs of users, including the needs of leisure and entertainment, the application of life service, the practical requirements of solving user problems and so on. Enterprises want to push information and users want information, should highly respect the wishes of subscribers. Take elong for the same location and micro-blog is to provide services for travel enthusiasts platform, because the push the number of precious, also reduced the push chicken soup category, the content is in the WeChat era has been blocked, WeChat needs to push the public number >