How can raise the PR value to 4 in half a year at the beginning of my domain registration I wanted to be a mechanical filter website, I have done the operation, for a period of time, but no one to buy my goods, because of the need for strong enterprise post service and support, although I have the goods, but sales are not stable, no manufacturers are willing to in my body spend a lot of time, so angrily to this site to take the.

                when I do filter, this domain has a friend to take me, first built after the new update to PR 3, so I changed my blog when the PR value is 3, after a change in terms of the page direct updates do not come, I’m dying, so at that time I updated every day blog, after a month of time content update, and then find the chain of the same type, before many companies link removed, after the work of long-term update, more original has great influence the recorded and PR value on my blog link chain of high PR few, most of them are lower than me, did not expect that in the first half of the time, I insist on update blog, to find the chain, hard work pays off, the Google update, I blog pr The value finally rose to 4, ha ha, really very happy. I hope everyone will adhere to the original, adhere to the update, the only way the search engine will be very keen on your station! There are links to friends in my blog can see the requirements!