A heart of love embarked on the road of writing

I didn’t study well since I was a child. No teacher praised me. No one admired me.

, when I was 17 years old, I didn’t graduate from junior high school, but my primary school students already went to grade two. I, in order to avoid being bullied, like Hong Kong and Taiwan video in the "crash" like the fight all day, I want to be my hero.

result, I have almost all the county junior high school finished.

I can’t find any hope. I’m lost in the future.

then, in the winter of that year, I left my hometown and became a soldier.

in the train whistle, in an avalanche of relatives to send in cry, I do make a living away from home dream.

after ten years, I served in Henan, Huangpi, Jiangsu, Hubei City, Xuzhou Xinjiang Yili and other places for ten years, I only in different units pigs, vegetables, cooking, broadcasting. Did some ordinary, no ordinary job.

as I grow older, my dreams are getting farther and farther away from me.

I think I have to give my relatives and friends a certificate of success. So I am writing and submission. However, the hateful editor all blocked out, so I gave up.

until one day I went to a newspaper office to see a young and beautiful girl. In the six years of I, suddenly, big love, love at first sight. Later, I took the fort with my soldier’s bravery and perseverance. During this period, I was shocked. My young girlfriend was the editor in chief of the evening news agency.

later, I started reading their newspapers. I don’t think the supplements are good. I often compare them to the southern weekend. Than her colleagues were angry and said, "yes, you write two, too."

was forced to start. I started writing, and I wrote seven or eight of them in their newspapers. Her colleagues say the writing is really good. I know that there is her this relationship! Therefore, I have never enjoyed a work into the joy.

, in order not to make my girlfriend lose face, I’m going to make a big effort, and I start writing fiction. Every night, I start with the lights out and I write four a.m. second days, and sometimes six or seven. A few months later, I wrote one hundred thousand words "youth, snow and green uniforms.". During this period, I have a lot of writing can not go down, I want to give up, do not write. I was able to get him together, thanks to the endless sarcasm, sarcasm and blows of the officers at the then political bureau.

soon published the book. Oh, my God! I became a celebrity. I report your paper flying.

walking in the street the radio suddenly shouted my name, because this is the border town, not a city, can write a book, which is not trivial


but every time, my face will be red neck why, I can’t carry such honor.