Every day hundreds of pseudo original articles in fact very simple

site to flow, it is necessary to have a good weight, where the weight of my view is the original plus the chain. Not necessarily, but I do have a successful case.

for the chain, the webmaster may be more than I have the right to speak. So, I display slight skill before an expert. The chain of channels in accordance with priority, divided into the following: first, soft wen. A good soft Wen, you can bring more high-quality N outside the chain, this point is beyond doubt. Good soft text depends on the webmaster text and soft Wen skills. Two is the friendship link. This depends mainly on the webmaster’s EQ, my EQ is too low, so the chain is doing very well failed. Later, simply gave up the link to do friendship. Three is Bo Fu station. Mainly depends on the degree of diligence of the webmaster, blog done, the effect is still obvious. Four is the BBS signature. Now the weight of the forum, personalized signature is a certain level, the first forum ID level up, and then you can once and for all. Personally think, BBS signature for spider or effective, but to improve the weight, as if the effect is not obvious. There are other black chain, buy links and so on, no longer enumerate.

original articles to improve the weight is very important, is the author of a station, no one Links, didn’t even do what is just at the beginning of the site promotion, seduce spider, but it has been to PR 4. Thus, originality is crucial for weight. But the original article for most webmaster, is indeed a headache, so there is a false original. As everyone knows, pseudo original do not good, and collection no two, search engines will not like. I have also found some pseudo original tools on the Internet, and the original articles can be guaranteed, but the articles have been changed greatly. Some time ago, spent a few hundred dollars, bought a set of procedures, it was used to do the station, and found that its pseudo original function is really good, in Baidu, GG performance is also my satisfaction. The key is that its efficiency is very high, every day as long as enter a few key words, pseudo original article will continue to produce. My blue tree, mother and child information network and Xiushui hall are made with this set of procedures. Interested friends can take a look at it. The official version of the program is money spent, but it offers free days of probation and a space to try out. A machine that creates fake original articles is OK. I used this method to create hundreds of pseudo original articles every day, and then copied it down. It was used in my floor tile network. I also got good performance on Baidu and GG.

in order not to let others say that the name of the program is not to say, interested friends can contact me, or I can PM.