Be sure to do the analysis before you do the website

some time ago in the aspects of planning a yam industry website, before doing this website, I carefully analyzed the current form, and the site of the mode of operation and development, eventually abandoned the plan, put the plan released today, hope that the webmaster brothers do stand in the future, more pay attention to analysis, or when you put half of the station, found no future, you’re wasting too much time to do before I want to do:

1. do the station, the most important thing is to figure out why to do this station, this idea can really make money


2., make sure that users are really concerned about the industry, are concerned about what areas of information and information, what people will come to your website


3., before making the station, first of all understand the website of the face of the customer who, what information these customers need

4. analyzes the competition situation of the same industry and analyzes the profit point of the same industry

5. innovation of their own profit points, highlighting their own characteristics.

I analyzed the future of this station in detail and found that there were a lot of problems,

1., this station has a future, and now the industry is in a very large number of stations, and Alibaba, the future of the site where


2., who is the target customer of this station,


3. what’s your target customer’s concern about the industry,


4. give a reason why people want to come to your station instead of your competitors,

5., compared to the same industry, other sites, your features where,


6. what profit does this website have


prospects for websites

prospects: expectations are small,

cause analysis:

1. industry divided carefully, although the theme is vivid, professional and focused, but the operating direction of the website also is restricted to very narrow

2. industry target customers are business yam business people: the target customers has a wide business scope, they not only engaged in this kind of product, often is a local specialty store owner, or native marketing boss, so they reduce the

of this simple to do in this industry website attention

3. target customers in the information is mainly concerned about the price of the market, because the station is a personal station, and therefore can not accurately and timely to provide the most authoritative information

4., the industry’s competitors almost 0, since then you can see that this site profit is almost low.

5. website design can not make a good profit point,

6., this site really can’t find a better way to make a profit than advertising, but if you advertise it, the benefits will be…