American mission to visit four high level talk about the development of the United States Mission

Wangjing is rare in Beijing a few small car air quality is relatively better, but the Wangjing people do not think so, because we haven’t seen commuting time in Wangjing, when several enterprises commuting time here with the staff will immediately make the streets become heavy traffic. Not surprisingly, the original small administrative area is now the U.S. group, Qihoo 360, Motorola and other technology companies rooted in place, according to the Alibaba said in 2016 will move to Wangjing science and Technology Industrial Park, the family moved to Ali or partial migration, still can make nothing of it.

heavy traffic meant that many people and cars, some people say there is no small business enterprises in Wangjing, what is the big enterprise? After a member of Sohu as Wang IT from the media delegation’s visits to the United States, to know what is a big company, big companies are in a large space is known, but to the people base. So you can see the beauty of the whole group of office space as a big classroom, each children have to sit at the same table, the front seat and the rear rolling, rolling because "people after the table, the table is" fluctuation is every technical control students on the desk is filled with all kinds of equipment and materials there are a variety of display, light, horizontal and vertical white black serious and lively, the whole is a cross as a peak of the scene.

this picture reminds me of the atmosphere which attached to the middle school classroom entitled "unity, serious, serious and lively" black and red banners, is great in the office on the 4 floor is such a scene. The reception of our sister paper said there are more than 2000 people in this office staff, the remaining more than 4000 employees are "underground workers", a few days before the United States has just released a billion plan, will continue to recruit people for the U.S. group staff seems to never be enough.

let me even more surprising is that the staff during the break even jump in the "10+N" set of people’s Broadcasting gymnastics, 10+N because I’m not sure what set of broadcast gymnastics, but from the familiar background music broadcast gymnastics can I listen to this is the education of gymnastics, I even deliberately for this group of children are dancing beauty group took a picture as a souvenir, it is undeniable that the broadcast gymnastics rhythm to add a bit of fun the whole office building in tight work.

visited the U. S. mission, naturally not to describe the environment and scale of the U. S. mission, the main purpose of this trip is for high-level dialogue with the United States mission, from the dialogue to show you a true beauty group. Lao Wang is not a good memory, but self understanding is also good, listen to the conversation with the United States to the United States mission level, I also have a certain understanding, I will put my understanding of the U.S. report to you, to make friends more in-depth understanding of the United States mission.

"cat eye" movie with service as king

‘s much anticipated Transformers 4 was released in June 27th (), and in fact, users of the "cat eye" movie bought a movie in the middle of June with the choice of seats three days before release 4