A feeling of being a little girl in a 51 space station

looked at so many QQ space stations, are very hot, very envious, so there is a want to do an idea. But calm down and think, everybody’s doing it, I’m doing it, and what do I mean, so I’ve got my eyes on 51.com?.

51 is our station elder brother Pang Shengdong founded, the user volume with QQ has almost, and 51 of the home page custom function is very tough, user active degree is very high. After a few days of observation and conversation with 51 users, so firmly made the idea of the 51 space station.

is the first domain name, 51 users are loyal to the 51 of the two numbers, so I spent 2000 dollars in buying www.25151.com, Admin5 forum, the domain name, although the 2000 pieces of the income is not high, I, is a large number, but in order to do a website, is cruel.

first, I first group experience in groups. 51 of the group is very hot, many groups are hundreds of thousands of people. The experience of group operation will be one of the biggest needs of 51 users. Then I drew several 51 active users for me as a reporter and interviewed many group administrators to find out what they were thinking. Then collect 51 of the space material.

is currently on the platform, and will gradually improve. Do 51 material stations, personally think that is a good direction, I hope that the interest of the webmaster along with me in this direction.