How to select traffic Alliance

entertainment station for us, the face of so many traffic alliances, how to choose? Today, my brother to tell you how to pick good, high-quality traffic alliance.

first, look at the alliance code and the speed of the alliance. A good traffic alliance, to have a large bandwidth, super server. Or how can withstand large exchange capacity? Union code is also very important, the code’s lure hits is high. Click more, return more, traffic naturally rise.

secondly, look at how much advertising the alliance has, payment and delay. If there’s more advertising in the league, then the alliance will have to pay more. What else should I do to return to the advertiser? Such an alliance must consider whether or not to do it. There are payments, many people earn points with the flow Union, and then replaced by silver, the General Union is paid weekly. If the alliance does not pay promptly, then his credibility will be limited.

finally looks at the alliance traffic, not enough and IP quality.

if the flow of an alliance cannot be equal to your point entry, then the exchange of that alliance must not be enough. It’s no fun doing such an alliance. And boasting about the return of 1:n is also false. The quality of those IP traffic alliance certainly useless. When it comes to IP quality, must see the league website popups more or less, there is no trojan. Because these traffic are very garbage, even if the point into your station, and no PV, garbage flow, there is no way you can earn advertising fees.

more than the way, I believe you will be able to choose a suitable site for the development of the flow of the alliance. Here, I said, my station is how to choose the flow of alliances. My station is, and now rely on traffic union can reach tens of thousands of IP a day, in fact, I only do a traffic union. Because I tested, you put a few traffic alliances, IP is up, can be PV extremely low. IP has no quality at all. So I only do Kooip flow Alliance (, straight chain code they are very good, as long as reasonable flow induced, the ow. Ha-ha。。。 Mainly their audit is very strict, improve the quality of the exchange of IP, very good!! here recommend. Hey。。。