From June 11th big update realize the true meaning of station


Foshan site optimizes the chosen domain name for Foshan’s area code 0757 and SEO, which makes the domain name more friendly than the search engine. Simultaneous. In the choice of code, the use of Z- blog code, and then a little finishing after the beginning of the line. From the site of the line after an hour GG included, to two days, Baidu included. It can be proved that the code of the website should be very friendly to the engine. At the same time, the choice of keywords in the website is neutral enough to optimize the website in Foshan. Construction of small and medium enterprises website and network marketing in Foshan area. To do fine to win the precise positioning of the site.

website from May 21st on-line, to the June 11th Baidu big update, experienced a full 20 days. During these 20 days, I insist on updating the content of the website every day. At the same time, the content of the website to adhere to the original, in each big forum posts on this web site, the arrival of seduce spiders crawl, the website included snapshot from May 23rd stay, personally think that this is a new station must go through the assessment period, when your site after the evaluation period, Baidu will release the website. And give a certain ranking.

from the June 11th update, the several websites including Baidu for re ranking, although the rise of ranking is not very ideal, but has experienced two months of pain I have great inspiration.. Ha-ha。 In these two months, I feel the most is to do stand to be practical, do stand as a man, when can not use deception to obtain rankings. It is possible to lose yourself at that time.

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