Don’t give me the original original is just a means

I think a lot of stands have already forgot Baidu before faint, released one day rule, it is Baidu original spark plan. In this algorithm, Baidu advocates originality. And I do not know Baidu said do not understand, or many webmasters put pure? Many webmaster believes that the higher the degree of the original is in the Baidu search box, search has no repeat, then the original degree is high. And what exactly does the Baidu spark original plan mean?


I think many webmaster through months of personal thought of original law enforcement, but the results are not for their own site to bring some benefit, but to spend more resources, though there are many owners still indulge himself as the original method. In fact, here I want to tell you that Baidu has not on the original, you still put what force on original? If you have a serious concern to the Baidu Webmaster Platform it, you will find that Baidu for the "original" the words are basically no more talk, even appeared on the platform the word above opportunity not to. So why are you sticking with it,


Qiao said SEO forum webmaster recently to the depth of the latest version of the "Baidu" search quality white paper ", in the latest version of the original, Baidu talk does not mention it, even in the simple version which basically only simple again, and in the full version of the final, once did not mention. This shows that Baidu has not paid attention to many owners of the original meaning of the distortion. But focus on those who are serious, the actual implementation of the original web site. For those individuals, the so-called original sites will be dealt with in term of imprisonment.

some people say to me, you say I do not pull the original, so this is not to say you now? Actually, I just want to write this article to enter Qiao said SEO forum friends, more clear understanding of what is original, how the original is the most effective. Don’t pull the ruffian, I would make a personal understanding of the original meaning of the resolution:

first, Baidu pays attention to the authenticity and effectiveness of information


calls truth is the fact that it is obvious. For example, if you killed a man today, then when the police brought back the police to make a statement. You said "no"". In this case, the police uncle may not be sure at the first moment whether you really kill someone. When it comes to this, you have to intervene in other evidence, such as you have witnesses, third party testimony. Then you can decide if the man really killed someone, and whether it happened recently. It is often a matter of concern for what has happened recently. Why? Maybe a lot of people, if you see this, might have done more to prevent this person from falling into the trap. If you mention something that was N years ago, then this event may have been more noticed at the time, but what you are saying is that few people will pay more attention to it. So, this is enough to show information >