A Soccer Forum doesn’t equal a soccer website

may be the world is developing too fast, found that it is difficult for the novice to build a station, it is already too easy.

no room? You can use the free forum first, and you can use the free forum such as 5D6D

no technology? The current DISCUZ is stupid enough, you can build it after you install it.

there are a lot of football players all over the country at the moment. You like Arsenal, I love Manchester United, and then set up a forum.

but now it is, more and more fans begin to put all the focus of the website on the forum.

football news? I can publish it on the forum again.

football downloads? I also pass forum

anyway, just put it in the forums.

, but forums aren’t equal to a website.

1. forum, the current policy of the country, the survival of the forum is very difficult, just want to hold the 17th Party Congress last year, during which many hosts have closed the forum, so the forum is very unsafe.

2. a web site stands for a canonical model. And the forum, there are too many things can not be achieved.

3. is not everyone likes to bubble BBS, the website is valuable, is to see whether the site meets the needs of others.

those who put up a forum every day, say that they are webmaster, forget it, don’t mention it.

unfortunately, in the football world, there are so many forums, but they can live very well, too little.