Effective use of webmaster tools reasonable arrangements to do standing time

Xunzi told us "encouraging learning", "non exclusive gentlemen, good fake to things, the individual ability is limited, to learn by side forces for their own use. Stationmaster does website, alone fight more, only more reasonable arrangement time, effective use tool, can use limited time to do station come.

A5 forum bbs.admin5.com October 29th organized the "how to use Webmaster Tools" topic version, I invited www.55.la founder Cai Liwen to discuss net webmaster tools topic. This order waiting for you wonderful to share with everyone.

Q: what are the commonly used webmaster tools,


answer: webmaster commonly used tools should actually be divided into 2 categories. 1., you use the program, the premise is that you use other people’s development; 2. is everyone in use every day PR, ranking, included tools.

: Well, how can you make better use of these tools,


answer: like some of the more objective tools can only be used as a reference, such as inquiries, Baidu included. More importantly, you only need to use a webmaster statistics, master some of the basic information can be.

asks: "what tool does my dragnet have, the website is charging to the user now?


answer: webmaster tools a lot of kinds, such as banner free generated logo, weblogo, QQ Advisory desk, there are many special tools. I dragnet, now is a large, detailed, free webmaster tools. Of course, if you want to be different, you can choose to pay, we also have this support. Charges, control within 10 yuan, the charge is to recover the hardware costs.

asks: "Cai Zong, I like your 55 very much, the tool that produces picture, use pretty good, convenient and quick.". Excuse me, did you use a similar website before you did this? How did you come to think of it? Let’s introduce it briefly.

answer: a lot of people ask this question. In fact, before I pulled the net, we also made a lot of stations, but also groping. Later found that people need a lot of pictures, but most of the webmaster are not very good at art, so there is the Photoshop into web, so I was born on the net.

: How did I promote it at the beginning of the establishment,


answer: I dragnet is the first to do this, innovation, good reputation, or rely on the webmaster recommend each other.

asked: "now webmaster tools are stereotyped, no breakthrough.". Cai total, involved in this area, is there any good profit point or direction of development?

: Yes, most of them are stereotyped, such as PR queries, ranking queries, and small tools. The vertical vertical tool station, such as my dragnet, is not yet seen. Of course, we will continue to the direction of the picture, about the profit point, is still slowly exploring.